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Dussmann Catering uses its central kitchen and various onsite kitchens every day to deliver daily meals to you and your entire family. Every day, we prepare meals matching your specific requirements while observing the strictest health and safety rules. Our meals can be enjoyed at every stage in life:

  • Nurseries and child care centres
  • Grammar schools, colleges and universities
  • Companies
  • Nursing homes and hospitals
  • Care homes

When it comes to preparing meals, we source our fresh produce and ingredients exclusively from our local and regional suppliers every day.

As a trustworthy partner, we believe in acting with the utmost transparency while fulfilling all certification standards and rules of application. Our services are subject to HACCP audits, reinforced with strict and thorough quality control procedures by ISO2001. In addition, we are actively involved in promoting nutrition education for children, such as selecting nothing but the best ingredients, using onsite kitchens, and upholding hygiene and food safety standards.

Nurseries and child care centres

Food is a vitally important part of the education process. That is why we exclusively use fresh local produce in our central kitchen and onsite kitchens. In a bid to meet each and every one of your needs and requirements, our teams work closely with you and are regularly trained on the best techniques. When it comes to your children, we are driven by our commitment to:

  • Prepare age-appropriate meals
  • Offer appropriate food choices in liaison with a dedicated team of dietitians
  • Never use ingredients containing GMOs
  • Prioritize high-quality organic and fair trade products from local sources as well as suppliers across Luxembourg and the Greater Region
  • Take due account of any illnesses, specific needs and allergies (e.g. lactose and gluten)
  • Comply with recommended or specified diets
  • Ensure that diet planning is based on nutritional recommendations
  • Work in partnership with teaching staff and educational teams

Colleges and universities

Learn… how to eat a balanced diet! Our teams go the extra mile to turn young people into responsible consumers with a great selection of menus while working with environmentally-friendly partners. We work with fresh ingredients and produce meals on site. When preparing meals for future adults, we pay attention to the following:

  • Offering balanced menus and diets
  • Providing a wide range of food products to enhance your meals
  • Taking account of any illnesses, peculiarities and allergies (e.g. lactose and gluten)
  • Complying with recommended or specified diets
  • Observing health and safety rules
  • Using guaranteed GMO-free products from local sources and suppliers across Luxembourg and the Greater Region
  • Incorporating a growing proportion of certified organic and fair trade products


Mens sana in corpore sano! We adapt our catering services to meet your company’s needs. Our company offers the ultimate organisational and logistical flexibility. We prepare your meals in our central kitchen (complete with a hot delivery or onsite regeneration) or we cook directly on your company’s premises. Just like you, we place great importance in your teams’ well-being and your employees’ health. We contribute to this in the following ways:

  • Daily compilation of the menus with our nutritional
  • Working exclusively with fresh GMO-free produce and a growing proportion of organic and fair trade products
  • Prioritizing superior quality products from local and regional suppliers
  • Offering a selection of meals that takes account of any specific needs and allergies (lactose, gluten, etc.)
  • Complying with the applicable health and safety rules in your company


We take an all-round environmentally friendly approach and can contribute to the seamless implementation of your business continuity plan thanks to the support of our kitchens. We are extremely flexible and can assemble a team in a timely manner to provide the additional services and benefits you require.

Nursing homes and hospitals

Health starts on the plate! We actively work alongside managers and medical staff to provide high-quality meals during your hospital visit or stay. We prepare your meals on site using fresh ingredients, and we want every meal to turn into a culinary experience. We take special care when it comes to following hygiene and safety regulation, and we make a point of:

  • Taking account of any forbidden food products to avoid any adverse reactions or allergies (gluten, lactose, etc.)
  • Bringing extra appeal and enjoyment to your diet
  • Coordinating your menus with our team of dieticians and your medical staff
  • Address all your specific needs and ensuring service with a smile
  • Providing balanced meals using seasonal GMO-free produce sourced from local and regional suppliers
  • Providing a catering service that meets the expectations of the patients and the organisation of the hospital,In private facilities, meals can be served at the table in the patient’s rooms

Our teams are capable of delivering a continuous service while taking into consideration your organisational constraints and the specific characteristics of your work environment.

Care homes

Turn your meal times into a moment of pleasure… Our chefs prepare your meals directly in your kitchen. Meals times are the ideal opportunity for residents to socialize, and we are determined to transform those times into an even more enjoyable experience. To ensure that all meals are a success, we place great importance in:

  • Take into account any dietary intolerances, allergens and prohibitions
  • Respect food restrictions and make your diet pleasant and appetising
  • Call on our team of dieticians to create healthy and delicious meals
  • Use products that are in season, GMO-free, organic and from our national or regional regions
  • Depending on the context, we can also offer you room service

We are organised and prepared to deliver a direct response to any crisis situations or new health requirements. We are capable of quickly responding to change and addressing new health and safety needs.

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