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Innovation and Expertise in cleaning

Dussmann Service stands out through the superior quality of its high-quality cleaning and maintenance services for business premises and corporate real estate. Every Dussmann employee is specifically trained on the most effective cleaning techniques and works with the most innovative cleaning equipment and with high-tech products. We are driven by our mission of achieving and even surpassing every customer’s needs and expectations. We comply with the most stringent standards and we control our work as part of our strict quality system. Our specialised services play a key role in showing your professional properties to their best advantage:

  • Interior cleaning
  • Exterior cleaning services for your professional buildings and properties
  • Industrial site cleaning
  • vehicles cleaning

Every day, our teams are focused on meeting your most specific needs, such as:

  • Maintenance and cleaning work for companies in the agri-food sector
  • Cleaning after construction sites or final cleaning at the end of construction work
  • Cleaning of swimming pools, sports centres, gyms, fitness rooms and wellness centres
  • Restoration, deep cleaning and upgrading of under-maintained sites
  • Emergency cleaning following a disaster (fire, water damage, etc.) at your company
  • Specialist advice focused on customer needs

Whether providing these services or adding extra manpower to support all our cleaning activities, we can mobilise a field team with a heightened sense of urgency, state-of-the-art equipment and the ability to spring into action 24/7. When it comes to safeguarding everyone’s health and well-being, we are firm believers in scrupulously following all health and safety rules. In addition, we protect environment by using environmentally friendly cleaning techniques.

Interior and exterior cleaning services for your company

Our employees not only focus on keeping your workplace clean and tidy, but they also believe in respecting your property and causing zero disruption to your business activities. We are trained to keep your offices, passageways, meeting rooms, relaxation areas and storage rooms in spotless condition. Whatever your workplace, we can cater for all your needs while creating a pleasant workplace for all your employees. We ensure that our procedures and operations reflect your brief. Our teams are regularly trained on the best techniques and are committed to:

  • Organising all cleaning operations with maximum flexibility while taking your requirements into consideration
  • Guaranteeing a seamless service by using the same contact people at your site
  • Thoroughly cleaning your offices and leaving your workplace in pristine condition
  • Carrying out regular quality controls exceeding the applicable standards
  • Always ensuring a professional appearance and swiftly responding to your needs

Your Dussmann team is highly skilled in all cleaning techniques:

  • Cleaning and protection of various types of floor and wall coverings
  • Antibacterial and virucidal cleaning
  • Cleaning and disinfection with nebulizer
  • Disinfection and special application of disinfectants for Covid-19 and other viruses
  • Crystallisation of stone floors
  • Sanding and oiling for maintaining your wood floors
  • Cleaning of all glazed surfaces and work at height
  • Cleaning in accordance with HACCP standards

Exterior cleaning services for your professional buildings and commodities

Cleaning operations for industrial sites need to meet an increasingly stringent set of requirements. Our teams use all the cleaning techniques specifically suited to your line of business.  They are capable of operating in every sector of activity, from heavy industry through to the process industry:

  • Food and beverage industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry, medical sector and laboratories
  • Chemical industry

Our employees undergo regular training and scrupulously follow the strictest health and safety rules, including the specific regulations for your operations site.
Our teams have the ability to adapt to any changes in your industrial environment and guarantee a spotlessly clean site.  We use different techniques depending on your site, your line of business and your cleaning or disinfection requirements:

  • Manual cleaning for industrial appliances and facilities
  • Low or high-pressure washers
  • Foam cleaning
  • Dry cleaning
  • Nebulisation-based disinfection

Cleaning of public transport and individual vehicles (fleets)

We can draw on our organisational abilities and operational flexibility to fulfil any needs for cleaning transport vehicles.  Our teams are specially trained to use quick and effective cleaning techniques. They can clean the following means of transport, as well as the associated infrastructures:

  • Buses and minibuses
  • Trains and trams
  • Yachts and aircraft
  • Cars (fleet vehicles for rental companies or garages on request)

We are all aware of the importance of observing health and safety rules. This especially applies to our teams, who are trained how to use viral disinfection, nebulisation, antibacterial and virucidal cleaning techniques. In addition to meeting these requirements, Dussmann Service can also provide the following services:

  • Regular cleaning inside transport vehicles using techniques that respect the materials involved
  • Heavy-duty cleaning depending on the condition of the vehicle and the cleaning intervals
  • Removal of graffiti inside the vehicle and on the bodywork, chewing gum and other types of damage requiring specific cleaning processes

We can continually adapt our services to fulfil your operational requirements. Examples:

  • For long-distance trains, a person who has undergone special training to deal with emergencies accompanies the train
  • The crews responsible for cleaning aircraft abide by the specific technical requirements and regulations
  • Development of automated and digitised tools for recording detailed service logs and ensuring real-time communication
    • To guarantee high-quality services through an exclusive scheduling and digital reporting feature
    • To provide continuous sit-reps on the cleaning operations and the availability of your vehicles

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