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Your security : our business.

Dussmann Security is a leader in the security sector in Luxembourg. Our 24/7 alarm receiving center (control room) is powered by the latest technologies where professionally trained security officers coordinate the security of your building and property 24/7.

Dussmann Security delivers services in several key areas, such as:

  • Plants & properties security through monitoring and surveillance
  • Stewards and security patrol services
  • Fire protection services
  • Compliance with occupational health and safety rules
  • Events security management
  • Expert advice from field specialists

Using the company’s centralized system and national coordination center, Dussmann Security guarantees an array of security services based on state-of-the-art digital technologies. In doing so, we can meet the most stringent requirements and comply with all national regulations and mandatory standards.

Protection for buildings and property through monitoring and surveillance

Our monitoring and surveillance department detects and prevents all types of risks on site to your movable and immovable properties, including vacant buildings and unoccupied offices. Security patrols are carried out in accordance with a strict and dynamic protocol as specifically agreed with your teams. Our specially trained patrollers are in a position to protect & keep your property safe. Our teams provide a wide range of services, including:

  • Protecting and monitoring specific access points in line with your requirements and according to applicable rules and standards
  • Ensuring that security positions are permanently manned with security agents (a patrol service can also be arranged if required)
  • Managing reception and switchboard areas
  • Setting up alarm systems in your buildings, supported by an offsite and onsite 24/7 monitoring operation
  • Ensuring remote video monitoring and verification
  • Providing regular reporting of our activities according to your requirements.
  • Delivering expert advice on elaboration, plans of security concepts
  • Supporting the monitoring and surveillance plans for your property and equipment
  • Issuing regular activity reports according to your chosen arrangements
  • Recommending professional partners approved by Dussmann Security to install your alarm systems

Stewards and security patrol services

We manage the flow of people and vehicles in and around your buildings in accordance with established rules to ensure free-flowing circulation and traffic. We keep your employees, teams and visitors safe by managing all access points in a tactful manner and to the highest standards. To achieve that aim, we support the design and the implementation of your security and safety plans. Our teams are capable of carrying out the mission brief in all your work environments. Our organization possesses the necessary expertise and flexibility to provide services in all sectors of activity, including hospitals, for which we have the necessary training and accreditations.

Our teams:

  • Supervise, screen and check visitors and passengers according to applicable rules
  • Manage lobbies and reception areas with specially trained personnel
  • Check access badges, transport tickets, car park tickets and travel permits
  • Monitor vehicles and car parks 24/7
  • Protect your facilities, plants and equipment
  • Carry out dissuasive or preventive patrols in urban or rural locations
  • Provide recommendations about the preventive and dissuasive measures required to reach your security and public order objectives
  • Submit activity reports according to your chosen arrangements

Risk management and fire safety service

We are dedicated to shielding your organization against risks and delivering a swift response in the event of a disaster. Our teams offer the following services:

  • Providing training, taking part in preventing fires, protecting your buildings and preventing disasters through static and mobile interventions
  • Assisting with setting up the necessary fire protection systems, including analysis, concepts, preventive services and defensive measures
  • Providing communication and remote monitoring services; actively mobilizing our 24/7 alarm receiving center (control room)
  • Dispensing training on how to use protection equipment and evacuate buildings, and providing support for your employees
  • Ensuring on-the-ground supervision with a site manager possessing the necessary authorization to inspect, train and manage a firefighting crew
  • Participating in implementing a business continuity plan (BCP) and the necessary contingency measures

For the installation of any alarm systems, we will be happy to refer you to one of the professional partners approved by Dussmann Security.

Compliance with occupational health and safety rules

We accompany you in the development and establishment of a plan for health and safety at work. In doing so, we support you in the implementation of a strategy for occupational health and safety. To this end, we perform the following services:

  • Establishing health and safety programmes specifically geared towards your site
  • Conducting risk assessments
  • Reviewing the root causes in case of an incident and providing support with defining the necessary corrective action
  • Developing and disseminating reports highlighting trends in your occupational health and safety performance
  • Supporting and guiding your employees to ensure that health and safety measures are properly implemented in line with mandatory standards

Event Security

Our events security team ensures the elaboration and implementation of security concepts that meet the specific requirements of each event. Thanks to our experience in this field, we can provide the following services:

  • Preventive and defensive protection of venues and people.
  • Ensuring compliance with protocol and hygiene measures at the venue in question.
  • Management of X-ray control systems.
  • Event guarding tailored to your needs (dog handlers, patrols, etc.).
  • Regular consultation and coordination with law enforcement officers to ensure free-flowing traffic
  • Support from our remote monitoring center and, if necessary, immediate provision of additional personnel to ensure full operational capability.

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