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Catering agent

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“Cooking and service still attract people. There are many professions that offer great career opportunities, in direct contact with customers at any time in their lives.”

Assistant cook, Dishwasher, Kitchen assistant, Waiter/waitress, Catering agent, Sous-chef, Chef.

The job:

Placed under the orders of the head chef, the second in command or the cook, the agent is responsible for all types of tasks in the kitchen, in full compliance with the rules of hygiene and food safety: helping to set up, receive and put away foodstuffs, selecting and preparing meals, preparing garnishes, desserts, etc.

Evolution :

Commis de cuisine / Cuisinier(e) / Chef de partie / Second de cuisine / Chef de cuisine / Gourmet cook.

Formation-Qualification :

The conditions of access to the job are not restrictive (subject to the HACCP prerequisites). Certain diplomas/recognised training are essential for the exercise of specific functions. Our training courses complement the knowledge and meet the needs and requirements of our customers.

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