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Cleaning Agent

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“Everything can be cleaned, washed and disinfected. The cleaning professions are surprisingly varied and offer secure employment opportunities. Operating theatres, pharmaceutical laboratories, offices, railway stations, airports, local authorities, shopping centres, etc.”

Surface technician, Maintenance worker, Maintenance equipment operator, Surface cleaner, Multi-purpose cleaner: all of these are available at Dussmann Service!

The job:

Both indoors and outdoors, the agent carries out, alone or as part of a team, under the supervision of a site manager, the sequence of work required for the cleaning and maintenance of professional buildings, offices, public spaces, etc.

Evolution :

Cleaning supervisor, Cleaning controller, Cleaning team leader, etc.

Formation-Qualification :

The conditions of access to employment are variable: we recruit people with or without qualifications, with or without professional experience! Our internal training courses allow you to acquire new skills.

Are you ready to put your skills to work for the leading company cleaning company in Luxembourg?
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