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The Dussmann Group is active in 21 countries around the world and employs over 66,000 people. It has been established in Luxembourg since 1978 with a local workforce of 4,400 people.

From its headquarters in Contern and its branch in Bissen, the company coordinates four core business activities:

  • Dussmann Service: the leading provider of building cleaning services
  • Dussmann Catering: the best-in-class provider of institutional food services in countless sectors of activity
  • Dussmann Security: the leading-edge provider of security, monitoring & surveillance, and alarm management services
  • Dussmann Lavador: the largest industrial laundry service in the country

Dussmann Luxembourg has its administrative and operational headquarter in Contern and a branch office in Bissen. The company is led by a senior management team that believes in building customer focus and actively ensuring on-the-ground presence. We strictly comply with the global compliance rules defined by the Dussmann Group (Compliance ‹ Corporate Responsibility ‹ Dussmann Group).

Our company stands out with its strong local presence, its deep roots in the region and its determination to address the needs and expectations of both its customers and Luxembourg society. Our services have grown alongside the country’s burgeoning economy. Our organic growth is the result of the daily hard work of all of our employees. You can count on our services at all times, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Our senior management team in Luxembourg:

Tun Di Bari

Tun Di Bari

+352 3420501

Thierry Schintgen

Thierry Schintgen

+352 3420501

Carole Breuer

Carole Breuer


Patrick Schiltz

Patrick Schiltz

Director - Head of Laundry Division

Dussmann Luxembourg’s legacy of striving for excellence is reflected every day in all its activities. Our every action is aimed at serving our clients. Our ability to listen, our attention to detail, the responsiveness of our management teams, our investment in innovation and a holistic approach to quality are evidence of this commitment.

All Dussmann Luxembourg employees are aware of their role in driving the company’s performance and their contribution towards the quality of the services delivered to each customer. Feeling inspired? Join us.

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Quality, Health, Safety and the Environment

Our integrated QHSE system aims to provide a structured and systematic framework for implementing the quality, environmental and occupational health and safety management plan within the company.

The QHSE Department is responsible for putting Dussmann’s values and objectives into action, such as achieving excellence in our services while strictly fulfilling all social, environmental and occupational health and safety requirements.

The main missions of the QHSE Department are as follows:

  • Implement the integrated management system
  • Provide assistance with creating and managing the documents and supporting tools relating to QHSE issues
  • Organise and carry out internal audits
  • Prepare and supervise external certification audits

Audits and samples are structured as follows:

  • Internal hygiene audit
  • External hygiene audit
  • External bacteriological sample
  • Taste audit
  • Internal bacteriological sample
  • Agent quality audit
  • Cleaning quality audit
  • Safety audit
  • Quality system audit

We conduct over 1,500 audits every year for all our activities. We carry out continuous quality controls. Every year, thousands of activities are audited, analysed and recorded to ensure that our services are performed to the highest standard and attain excellence in all our areas of activity.

The exchange of experience, the identification of optimization potential and the transfer of knowledge within the Group are part of the DNA of the Dussmann Group. With its solid international network, Dussmann Luxembourg can optimally analyze and coordinate the results of audits and the resulting suggestions for improvement.

Sustainable development and the environment feature high on the Group’s priority list. We carefully examine each and every product that we use, we take a close look at the product’s technical specifications and we are particularly mindful of the amount of energy drawn by the equipment that we use on a daily basis.

All the certifications obtained by Dussmann Luxembourg are listed below. These achievements illustrate the determination of our teams to perform their duties in accordance with the most stringent standards and requirements.


Human resources

We have forged a strong, sustainable and long-term local presence, and we hire all our team members from Luxembourg and the Greater Region. The magnitude of our contribution to the economy can be credited to the everyday work of a team of more than 4,400 employees. If you are interested in becoming part of our company, we would first like to draw your attention to our company’s values and expectations:

  • A strong sense of teamwork, sincerity and determination to achieve excellence in the services delivered to our customers
  • This commitment to excellence involves focusing on the customer’s needs and providing a swift response at all times. You need to be ready to listen to our customers and cascade their needs to the company’s managers: we are nothing without our customers.
  • Full compliance with health, safety and environmental standards in the workplace
  • Unconditional acceptance of our internal regulations, our organisational rules and our code of conduct

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