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Laundry Agent

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“The Laundry Agent sorts, loads and unloads textile articles in accordance with production requirements (quality, deadlines, etc.) and taking into account safety, hygiene and environmental standards. He (she) may be required to participate in ironing and equipment maintenance operations.

Definition :

Carry out the processing of professional linen according to the required quality standards, using materials or production equipment provided for this purpose. Carry out operational services and ensure their quality, carry out the finishing treatment and packaging of linen.

Evolution :

After training and successful experience in our Dussmann Lavador unit in Bissen, the Laundry Operator can progress to the position of Production Manager.

Formation-Qualification :

The conditions of access to employment are variable: we recruit people with or without qualifications, with or without professional experience! Our internal training courses allow you to acquire new skills.

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