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Security agent

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“Today, it is no longer a question of a security guard, but rather of a prevention and security agent. All sectors of activity call on our agents; each position benefits from regular and rigorous training.”

Receptionist, Security guard, Receptionist, Dog handler, Remote surveillance operator, Inspector, etc.

The job:

The so-called Security Officer does not just identify a risk. He/she must be ready to act at any time. A single anomaly (power failure, water leakage, fire) means immediate intervention: closing off accesses, evacuating people, organising first aid, etc. The Dussmann Security Agent reassures, helps, anticipates and secures.

Evolution :

By completing specific training, the agent will be able to carry out additional missions, always in the service of our clients’ security. With experience, the Security Agent can progress to the role of team leader, coordinator, inspector or even supervisor.

Formation-Qualification :

The conditions of access to the job are specific and certain diplomas/recognised training are essential for this profession. Our training courses complement the knowledge and meet the needs and requirements of our clients, depending on the location of the activity.

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