Security agent


“Today, it is no longer a question of a security guard, but rather of a prevention and security agent. All sectors of activity call on our agents; each position benefits from regular and rigorous training.”Receptionist, Security guard, Receptionist, Dog handler, Remote surveillance operator, Inspector, etc. The job:The so-called Security Officer does not just identify a […]

Cleaning Agent


“Everything can be cleaned, washed and disinfected. The cleaning professions are surprisingly varied and offer secure employment opportunities. Operating theatres, pharmaceutical laboratories, offices, railway stations, airports, local authorities, shopping centres, etc.” Surface technician, Maintenance worker, Maintenance equipment operator, Surface cleaner, Multi-purpose cleaner: all of these are available at Dussmann Service! The job: Both indoors and […]

Laundry Agent

Dussmann - Lavador

“The Laundry Agent sorts, loads and unloads textile articles in accordance with production requirements (quality, deadlines, etc.) and taking into account safety, hygiene and environmental standards. He (she) may be required to participate in ironing and equipment maintenance operations. Definition : Carry out the processing of professional linen according to the required quality standards, using […]

Catering agent

Dussmann Catering - Restauration

“Cooking and service still attract people. There are many professions that offer great career opportunities, in direct contact with customers at any time in their lives.”Assistant cook, Dishwasher, Kitchen assistant, Waiter/waitress, Catering agent, Sous-chef, Chef. The job:Placed under the orders of the head chef, the second in command or the cook, the agent is responsible […]